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The iPM Method iPM Guiding Principles

iPM Guiding Principles

These seven guiding principles are fundamental for our approach!

1. Result orientated

Your results and ambitions are paramount. Socially, customer-focused, and/or economically we bring you closer to your ambitions.

2. Chain thinking is part of our DNA

We make your organization aware of your chains and ensure that staff and departments work better together through the eyes of your customers.

3. Your question is our starting point

We pay attention to where you are now and determine the best route with you.

4. We make contact at all levels

Everyone in the organization contributes. We connect with all levels and make them aware of their influence and contribution.

5. We think and act: we go straight to work

We get to work right away: our method allows us to change gear rapidly so that you notice the effect quickly.

6. Demonstrating, doing it together, doing it yourself

Building up knowledge and skills is essential for long-term retention. From demonstrating to finally doing it yourself. We give you all the tools you need..

7. Encouraging and no nonsense

We work in an appreciative manner so that everyone is willing to perform even better.

Inspiration session: iPM Partners for your organization

Would you like to make your organization customer-oriented and cost-efficient with one approach? That is possible! Let one of our specialists inspire you. During this session, he will personally introduce you to the secrets of the iPM method.

You will find out how to successfully bring your strategy to life and how to improve the cooperation between your departments using a smarter structure. What does the management of your organization look like if you look through the eyes of your customers? Expect a session that will restore your perspective and offer inspiring insights!

Inspiration session: Encouragement

Are you looking for an appraising (organizational) culture in which sustainable results are achieved? Have a talk with author Marcel de Wit, our partner and author of the book that explores the power of encouragement. During this session, Marcel will take you by the hand and explain that encouragement works and how you can express this authentically.

Themes like positive emotions, intrinsic motivation and self-confidence are discussed. They will be translated into practical tools to streamline your style of leadership, coaching or the development of you and your teams with the philosophy. Marcel will not teach you a trick, but discusses the basis for a sustainable culture change. Discover that with encouragement you not only achieve more, but that it is also a lot of fun!

Inspiration session: Winning with the right KPIs

Organizations need management information/KPIs to know whether day-to-day operations are running smoothly and strategic ambitions are being achieved. More than 80% of organizations do not steer on the right KPIs. It is striking that when translating goals and KPIs to the work floor, the organizational chart is taken as the starting point. This leads to island thinking and to KPIs that create barriers for effective collaboration between departments. Transfer moments go wrong, valuable time is lost in repairing mistakes and customers are the ones who suffer as a result. Get inspired by our partner Peter Geelen. He is iPM-father and author of the book winning with the right KPIs. During this session, he will personally introduce you to the secrets of the iPM Method.

Do you recognise this? Book an inspiration session now and we will show you which KPIs are essential for your organization!

Peter Geelen

Winning with the right KPIs

Peter Geelen

Winning with the right KPIs