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“Willem is a humble person with great analytical ability.”


Analytically strong and no nonsense technical business expert who practically links ICT to improving processes and performance. The application of structure and tactics that comes into play here is something I already applied when I trained and coached youth teams in basketball. Working together for the best result with the necessary time outs to see if the chosen route is still the right one. I can't resist getting to the bottom of processes and systems in detail.

The challenge I always see is setting up systems so that they actually support processes. But for me it is essential to have a good connection and cooperation with the organization, the teams and the employees. Together with them I take care of setting up steering, visualizing KPI reports and applying Robotic Process Automation within processes. When this realizes impact with tangible results, I am truly satisfied.

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Willem is a humble person with great analytical skills. He respects everyone and asks a few questions to get to the heart of the problem and the possible solutions. This enables him, on the one hand, to bring everyone together and get them to rise above their emotions and their own hobbyhorses and, on the other hand, to realize the right joint problem definition and solutions. His contributions to the subsequent success of the assignments is crucial.

Henk van Geest – Manager Back Office ROC Midden Nederland

The first word that comes to mind when I think of Willem is ‘thoughtfulness’. But there is much more such as: on top of the news, innovative and adamantly unexpected dry humour.

Rose Marie Manders – colleague iPM Partners