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Ulas Acer

“He has a clear vision and knows how to take the right steps to achieve the set goals together with his team”


Multi-disciplinary professional who always thinks about how we can do it even better tomorrow. As a curious professional, I have gained experience in finance, business control and (business) management. I use this broad experience, combined with my people skills, to look at the current situation with the customer and to determine how we can get to the desired situation. My strength lies in cutting up this change journey so it remains manageable for everyone. In doing so, I do not lose sight of people since they are indispensable in such change. Because of my extensive experience, I can easily switch between all layers of an organization. I like to live in the situation of others in order to be able to identify success factors at an early stage. This, combined with my accessible/warm personality, makes the different layers of an organization experience me as a pleasant conversation and sparring partner. I am most satisfied when we look back on a successful change that has also increased employment happiness of employees. This ultimate goal gives me the intrinsic motivation to be at the forefront and to enthuse people in times of change.

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Ulas realizes transformations where structure, collaboration and personal development are at the forefront. He has a clear vision and knows how to take the right steps to the set goals with his team

Reugene Balentina, PI manager Vodafone Ziggo