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Rose Marie introduces herself

“A pleasant person who is genuinely interested in people”


Entrepreneurial connector, who wins the trust of the organisation with sincerity, integrity and the necessary humour so that together we can go for the maximum result. When ultimately the team thrives, the client experiences that and then I know that I have done my job well as coach and inspirer. I learned this at a young age when I started training and coaching basketball teams. This is also where my motto came from: 'You never become number 1 on your own'.

With my characteristic energetic, positive and decisive approach, I enable everyone to get the best out of themselves and the team. I like to take teams on a journey of change. Together with them, I work towards an environment in which everyone feels safe and comfortable. This creates more happiness at work, so they perform better and add value to the organisation. This starts the growth curve, on the way to achieving the objectives.

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In guiding the team formation of our management team, I experience Rose-Marie as knowledgeable, decisive and result-oriented balanced with helpfulness and understanding of the context of daily operations. This balance and her contagious enthusiasm make it a pleasure to work with her.

Peer van Summeren – Chairman Board of Governors ROC de Leijgraaf.

I got to know Rose-Marie as a coach from iPM Partners. In her role, she developed our teams to work more client- and result-oriented from the perspective of the chain. Rose-Marie is a coach at heart. She has passion for this profession and that energy works very well in a group. I have come to know Rose-Marie as a pleasant person who is sincerely interested in people, result-oriented, she has impact (gets teams moving), strong in asking the right questions and thus knows (quickly) how to get to the root of the problem. With her skills, she is well able to develop effectiveness and efficiency and thus the quality of the organisation.

Yvon van Horrik-Meijers – Plato Group B.V.

What characterises Rose-Marie is her decisiveness, inexhaustible energy, positivity/happiness and enormous amount of knowledge and experience. She knows how to keep every relationship alive through sincerity and a seamless connection with what that relationship needs. It’s not for nothing that she is seen as the ‘mother of iPM’, she cares about everyone, helps everyone and is a good teacher!

Rosan Terken – colleague iPM Partners