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“Rosan? She makes it happen!”


Energetic, sharp-witted business administrator, who is able to quickly reduce a lot of information to its essence. That, in a nutshell, is what characterises me and what you can expect from me. Just like my hobby of cooking for groups, I select the right ingredients for the best taste. That requires good preparation and a solid process from the kitchen brigade.

Together with the team, I roll up my sleeves. I translate the team's ambitions and goals into a clear structure and well-defined steps. Partly because of this, I bring the team to its full strength. It is great to see how the energy that is put in, is rewarded in the end. I get a kick out of achieving results. And as icing on the cake, I am completely satisfied when the final presentation exceeds expectations.

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I have always experienced the cooperation with Rosan as very pleasant. In a short time she has grown enormously in her role as advisor at iPM Partners. She knows very well how to put her finger on the problem and how to find a suitable solution together with our organisation. She taught us not to immediately think of and apply a short-term solution, but rather to think about problems for a longer period of time and look for a more future-proof solution. In addition, Rosan is a very nice and spontaneous woman, great to work with.

Linda Hoeben – HD Solar

When I think of Rosan, the first thing that comes to mind is: She makes it happen! Rosan is an expert in project-based and structured work. A cheerful and neat colleague who does as she promises and is able to reduce even the most complex challenges to manageable steps. She asks clear questions that make you think and helps to turn beautiful dreams into reality. Outside work Rosan enjoys a Burgundian atmosphere and loves dogs.

Hester Poelman – colleague iPM Partners