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Robert introduces himself

“Robert is one man in a million!


I have experienced this undiluted solidarity in the small village where I grew up as a farmer's son. A no-nonsense mentality combined with the values of family and entrepreneurship came naturally to me. It is important to be there for each other and to respect everyone's dignity.

With my enthusiasm and passion, I build the right ownership and commitment, smart processes and systems and more effective cooperation. The shared goal and everyone's strength come first. As a founding partner, I give hands and feet to iPM Partners with this approach. Every time we achieve the best results through this route, my mission is accomplished.

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The practical approach of iPM has given us more overview and insight. Teams talked to each other on a weekly basis, with the aim of helping the youth as best as possible TOGETHER. That is where the passion lies and that is where the connection is. Teams have grown, their mutual dialogue has improved and they work better together. Talents are used and they ‘speak’ and encourage one another better. There is more peace and clarity, a good foundation for the future. iPM Partners knows how to take teams and managers along in an easy way. They know how to present the use of figures in such a way that even teams who have nothing to do with figures become enthusiastic!

Gerlinde Paas – director Philadelphia

I have been working with Robert as an important sparring partner for some time now. He has supported us in various issues aimed at management and improvement, smarter working, team development and cooperation. Under his direction, iPM has contributed to the developments of Pluryn. For me, reliability, craftsmanship and collegiality are the core values that fully apply.

Henk van den Broek – Director Pluryn

Robert is a very energetic, enthusiastic and knowledgeable colleague who forms his thoughts as he speaks and comes up with the solution. If I talk to Robert for a minute, I have laughed – either inside or out – for at least 12 seconds. He is one in a million.

Hubert-Jan van de Westerlo – colleague iPM Partners