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Reinier introduces himself

“Why do it the hard way when you can do it together?”


Passionate and entrepreneurial strategist, who uses vision and conceptual thinking to mobilize people for the desired result. Formed in an international environment, I have learned to work with a wide variety of people and cultures at all levels. With enthusiasm, understanding and sincere interest, I ensure mutual trust. This combined with a clear vision lays the foundation for the perspective, so that the course that has been outlined can be successfully sailed.

As a cooperating foreman, I add positive energy and allow the talents of others to grow and flourish. In my role as a networker, I open doors and set up plans to get things done. It gives me enormous satisfaction if everyone can excel. In this way, objectives will be realized and maximum value will be added for people and organizations.

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Always pioneering new opportunities, where ‘why do it the hard way when you can do it together’ is his unwritten rule!

Gerard Sterkenburg – Serial Entrepreneur CEO Foodstep

Warm, energetic and optimistic Reinier, with attention for the valuable things that already exist. Seeks this out of curiosity and sincere interest, and then says “this is really cool”. If something has his attention, he becomes completely absorbed in it. Can’t stop talking about it afterwards.

Fleur Verhagen – colleague iPM Partners