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Peter introduces himself

“iPM techniques lead to sustainably improved business results


Energetic sports fanatic, who, like no other, makes organizations steer towards the best result in a practical, passionate and goal-oriented way. As a playmaker in football, I came up with smart tactics to go for the win as a team. Cooperation between the lines and understanding team dynamics is crucial. In complex organizations such as Philips, I have had the opportunity to implement this up to the highest level.

It was the environment that inspired me that management can really be different. This was because cooperation between the lines (departments) was often lacking, resulting in island thinking. Ironically, it was on an island that I devised the iPM method. A refreshing method that really takes the customer as its departure point. My drive is to quickly bring complexity back to simplicity, so that everyone in the organization understands. I also teach this to future leaders at Maastricht University. My dream is for organizations, large and small, national and international, to work better together through the eyes of their customers.

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Peter’s very pragmatic, results-oriented approach combined with an enormous personal drive and relentless focus on streamlining (always customer-driven!) business processes using iPM techniques leads to sustainably improved business results. I have been an iPM fan ever since!

Jan Pieter Schretlen – Managing Director EMEA Jack Links

What characterises Peter is his humour, his focus on results and his decisiveness. He is very strong on content and able to bring complex situations back to the core. As founder of the iPM approach, he enthusiastically shares with others our view on ‘KPIs that do work’. Peter breathes iPM and spreads the philosophy wherever he gets the chance. Internally, he is also known as our ‘Prophet’; proclaimer of the ‘iPM faith’. He likes to make the comparison with his great passion: football. Setting up organisational processes properly is like football tactics and, just like in football, a good team with the right attitude is of great importance. His motto: the customer is key. Peter helps his customers to serve their customers better. He goes for his customer’s result, and has genuine stomach ache when that fails.

Mark Wilde – colleague iPM Partners