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Pedro introduces himself

Inspiring each other to achieve lasting results that fit the soul of the organisation.”


A highly experienced business expert who, with humor, determination, and a refreshing approach, assists organizations in achieving their goals. I work from within and enjoy being a part of the organization that I help advance with my broad expertise. I'm hands-on and work with everyone, whether it's in the office, the boardroom, or especially on the shop floor. This personal approach ensures that I engage with all levels in an organization and get things done. I've already put this into practice at companies like Post NL, ASML, Kone, and Stork.

I employ my creativity in finding new and innovative solutions to complex problems, together with the people I work with. We inspire each other to achieve lasting results that align with the organization's essence. As an out-of-the-box thinker, I explore how to ultimately make it happen without getting stuck in dogmatic thinking. Solving the problem is one aspect, but ultimately, you're appreciated because you were there. It gives me a real sense of satisfaction when people genuinely feel helped. That's when my mission is accomplished!

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When I said goodbye to Pedro, I gave him a book, in which I wrote “a challenging book to inspire a challenging person.

Paul Lorist – Director Technics, RET