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Mark introduces himself

“What I appreciate about working with Mark is that we work as equal partners.”


Highly experienced technical business administrator who knows how to build bridges with impact. I like to do my bit for a better society. In my spare time, I do volunteer and board work for vulnerable groups such as the seriously ill and the elderly. And in my role as a consultant, I continue to pursue this goal. I am the connector between individuals and teams, with attention to both the hard and the soft side. I approach issues from a helicopter view. I ask clarifying questions and am able to translate complexity into understandable language.

With this practical way of working, I ensure that we change and improve performance together in a sustainable way. It gives me satisfaction when the people around me take the next steps with enthusiasm. When they develop and are satisfied, I know that I have made a meaningful contribution and made an impact.

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What I appreciate about working with Mark is that we act as equal partners. Mark has quickly familiarised himself with our organization and thinks proactively about solving bottlenecks and coming up with workable proposals for improvement. He is a good sparring partner and is genuinely interested in the environment/situation in which he works. He is organization-sensitive and is able to enter into dialogue at all levels. Truly great to carry out the programme management together with Mark.

Francisca van Kessel – Manager Education development De Leijgraaf

Mark’s talent is to understand an organization and the people who work there and to establish a long-term relationship with them. He translates their challenges and dreams into achievable goals and, together with them, outlines the path that will get them there.

Harm van Oirschot – colleague iPM Partners