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Marcel introduces himself

“Marcel always knows the right things to say”


Positive and social psychologist, who knows how to strengthen the power of leaders and leadership teams from appreciation and optimism. Connecting with the strengths and movements of others is something I learned in Aikido and Tai chi from an early age. By going along with the movements, you can adjust and make use of or guide the energy of the other person. I believe that focusing on strengths and possibilities brings much more than looking at problems and resistance. I therefore always look for the intrinsic drive and potential of the individual and the team.

With an encouraging style, I facilitate processes to bring out the best in people so that results are achieved. I get enormous pleasure from making a difference to organisations in this way and seeing leaders become visibly happier. It is a philosophy that I have enjoyed developing in the book Encouragement, which is now the foundation of the iPM style of working.

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Marcel is an inspiring guide in change for me and my team. He has the ability to quickly get to the essence of change on an individual basis and to confront you with your own change through reflection.

Sara Coene – Jacobs Douwe Egberts

Marcel has a keen sense of the energy and relationships between people and always knows the right things to say in order to get people to look at things from a different perspective in order to come up with new solutions together.

Aafke Selten – colleague iPM Partners