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Hubert-Jan introduces himself

“Hubert-Jan has a high quality level in his work”


Innovative and conceptual business administrator with a positive mindset. At a young age, I was already exploiting opportunities on the basketball court and looking for the best solution. Later, I translated this into the work field. I like to be on the cutting edge of business and IT and use humour to create an atmosphere of collaboration; after all, this is where the most sustainable results are achieved. Relaxed, analytically strong and always up for a challenge.

The more complex the task, the greater the pleasure when concrete results are achieved. An eye for aesthetics, which translates into good-looking end products and... a lively collection of trainers.

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Our customer was very satisfied with Hubert-Jan’s work.


What typifies Hubert-Jan is his calmness, but at the same time his thinking speed. He understands the matter quickly and has a high quality level in his work.

Peter Geelen – colleague iPM Partners