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Hester introduces herself

“Hester is an people-oriented change specialist.”


Structured and energetic management expert who, as an implementation facilitator, makes the connection between people and structure so that organisations can work together as best they can. As a Gestalt-art therapist, I also apply this in my own practice. Because of my sincerity, creativity and openness, I quickly connect with others. I look at organisations and people as a complete system, with unique characteristics and challenges.

True synergy arises when the structure (processes and KPIs) is used to stimulate certain behaviour of people and to learn from that, so that the organisation and the customer benefit. In this way, real change is made and steps are taken to make it stick. I feel energised when the right chord is struck and results are sustainably improved for the individual, the team and the organisation.

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We experience the cooperation with Hester as very pleasant. Hester knows how to translate the theory of iPM Partners to our daily business. Hester thinks along with us and is critical at the right moment. As an organisation we have an enormous drive and always go full throttle. Hester knows how to slow us down at the right moment so that we don’t run out of steam. She also gives us a lot of insight in how we can make our organisation even stronger.

Roderic Eggens – Directeur Work On

With her positivity and approach, Hester has enabled the team to make great strides. Her method is characterised by analytical thinking, structure, speed, tactics, creativity and an enormous sharpness.

Esther Terwee – ROC Mondriaan

Hester is a helpful, people-oriented change specialist who, with a keen ear, is able to quickly define the context and get to the heart of the matter. In her own way, she is able to empower teams and individuals and improve mutual cooperation. An energetic, reliable colleague who is always willing to think along with you!

Tom Frohn – collega iPM Partners