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Harm introduces himself

“Harm will walk through fire for our customers.”


Resourceful and well-organised technical business expert who, with great perseverance, curiosity and humour, takes teams further in order to realise and improve performance. From an early age, I always wanted to know the 'why' of everything in order to get to the heart of the matter. Because I keep on asking questions, I am able to quickly familiarise myself with a new environment and come up with alternative ways of looking at a challenge. Tranquillity and focus are important to realise the improvement.

As a team leader or coach, I make data and modeled processes clear in understandable language. In this way, distractions and noise are removed from the team and I show how the work can be even better and more fun. I like it when a team succeeds in taking good care of itself and when its talents are used fully. Then, together with them, I look at how we can add the most value to the organisation.

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Harm has a complete focus on the goals he sets and imposes on himself. He casts overview, structure and transparency in business processes in various (data) models with great attention to the team and the people in it. Where necessary, he positions himself among the team while retaining professionalism and overview. If you then also ‘trigger’ his Brabantine roots, appropriate reservation makes way for a warm ‘Houdoe’ at the end of the day.

Gert-Jan van de Hazelkamp – Nezzo Print & Creation business manager (Pluryn)

With sincerity and a healthy dose of humour, Harm will walk through fire for our customers. With his social skills, he creates an atmosphere in which performance is guaranteed.

Willem Selten – colleague iPM Partners