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Fleur introduces herself

“Fleur ensures that the ‘soft’ change management side gets attention”


Connective psychologist, who uses her passion for the power of positive thinking to build on what is already there and to encourage talents. In my free time, I like to help people take a step forward in life. In this way, I create a social impact and contribute to society. I have a great curiosity about what touches people, what drives them and what motivates them.

I build on what is already there by really listening to what is being said. From there, I encourage the translation of dreams and goals into action. In this way, we work step by step on the sustainable growth of talent. This also strongly fits with chain thinking, where every link is of value. By being aware of this and encouraging each other in their contribution to the greater whole, the best results are achieved for the organisation. In this way, both the personal strength of each team member and the collective team strength become more powerful. It contributes to the development of the individual and the team, so both people and the organisation can grow and flourish.

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With her warm commitment and surprising creativity, Fleur ensures that the ‘soft’ change management side gets the attention that is so essential. As a coach, she wins the trust of the organisation in an instant and lets employees grow in their role and work with professionalism and integrity. In this way she creates not only a very pleasant and positive atmosphere in the cooperation, but above all a sustainable and valuable result.

Marc Schuil – Strategic Advisor Historical Centre Overijssel

What characterises Fleur is her enthusiasm and pro-activeness. She always thinks in terms of possibilities and connections with the customer. In addition, she is a very nice and pleasant colleague!

Michael Akudaman – colleague iPM Partners