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Meet the whole iPM Team

Aafke Selten

Performance and team improver
Ambitious business expert who helps organizations, teams and individuals in achieving optimal performance. I am curious by naturend a keen ability to delve into the core of organizations and view them from the perspective of their customers. In doing so, I work from the establishment of a clear objective and a well-defined structure; I create a comprehensive framework and establish connections. Collaborating with teams and individuals within the organization, we embark on a journey towards achieving improvements together.

Due to my experience in performance and process improvement, as well as team development and methodologies such as iPM, Prince2, and Systemic Transition management, I have the ability to effectively bring about improvements in collaboration with the client. I take pride in seeing these changes actually take hold and lead to greater satisfaction for the organization and its customers.

Fleur Verhagen

Encouragement coach and change specialist
Connective psychologist, who uses her passion for the power of positive thinking to build on what is already there and to encourage talents. In my free time, I like to help people take a step forward in life. In this way, I create a social impact and contribute to society. I have a great curiosity about what touches people, what drives them and what motivates them.

I build on what is already there by really listening to what is being said. From there, I encourage the translation of dreams and goals into action. In this way, we work step by step on the sustainable growth of talent. This also strongly fits with chain thinking, where every link is of value. By being aware of this and encouraging each other in their contribution to the greater whole, the best results are achieved for the organisation. In this way, both the personal strength of each team member and the collective team strength become more powerful. It contributes to the development of the individual and the team, so both people and the organisation can grow and flourish.

Gijs Ooms

Result and team improver
Goal-oriented and people-oriented business manager with an eye for results. I started my career in healthcare, where I developed an affinity with people’s behavior and motives. Because of my broad background and experience as a manager within middle management and MT, I can easily switch between all layers of an organization. It gives me satisfaction when I work in complex environments and achieve the set goals with teams.

I think it is important that not only an organization becomes more successful and efficient, but also people. As a connector, I have an eye for the other person and I make sure that people really feel part of the achieved result. With my pragmatic attitude and persuasiveness, I motivate people to reach the joint dot on the horizon, always based on the mutual relationship, connection and trust.

Harm van Oirschot

Process improver and teamcoach
Resourceful and well-organised technical business expert who, with great perseverance, curiosity and humour, takes teams further in order to realise and improve performance. From an early age, I always wanted to know the ‘why’ of everything in order to get to the heart of the matter. Because I keep on asking questions, I am able to quickly familiarise myself with a new environment and come up with alternative ways of looking at a challenge. Tranquillity and focus are important to realise the improvement.

As a team leader or coach, I make data and modeled processes clear in understandable language. In this way, distractions and noise are removed from the team and I show how the work can be even better and more fun. I like it when a team succeeds in taking good care of itself and when its talents are used fully. Then, together with them, I look at how we can add the most value to the organisation.

Hester Poelman

Change specialist and team coach
Structured and energetic management expert who, as an implementation facilitator, makes the connection between people and structure so that organisations can work together as best they can. As a Gestalt-art therapist, I also apply this in my own practice. Because of my sincerity, creativity and openness, I quickly connect with others. I look at organisations and people as a complete system, with unique characteristics and challenges.

True synergy arises when the structure (processes and KPIs) is used to stimulate certain behaviour of people and to learn from that, so that the organisation and the customer benefit. In this way, real change is made and steps are taken to make it stick. I feel energised when the right chord is struck and results are sustainably improved for the individual, the team and the organisation.

Hubert-Jan van de Westerlo

Process and result improver
Innovative and conceptual business administrator with a positive mindset. At a young age, I was already exploiting opportunities on the basketball court and looking for the best solution. Later, I translated this into the work field. I like to be on the cutting edge of business and IT and use humour to create an atmosphere of collaboration; after all, this is where the most sustainable results are achieved. Relaxed, analytically strong and always up for a challenge.

The more complex the task, the greater the pleasure when concrete results are achieved. An eye for aesthetics, which translates into good-looking end products and… a lively collection of trainers.

Ilse van Oosterhout

Process and change manager
Goal-oriented and enthusiastic change manager, who can reduce complex problems to simple and innovative material. This also comes in handy for educational and political activities that I do in my spare time. In an accessible and no-nonsense way, I bring simplicity together with teams to quickly get to the core of the matter. Structure is the means to guarantee continuity in learning and improvement. Employees will enjoy their work more, so that customer wishes can be fulfilled even better. This makes it all more fun, easier and beautiful. I love that!

Imke Huvenaars

Connector and team coach
Positive connector who does not shy away from an intellectual challenge. My inquisitive nature stimulates my personal development and drives me to constantly evolve. Connecting people and forging relationships are sources of energy for me. I derive satisfaction from bringing different perspectives together and creating synergy. Thanks to my optimistic attitude, I always strive for a positive outcome.

As in basketball, where I was a playmaker, I maintain the overview and work with others to score as a team, not as an individual. I like to function as a spider in the web, leading change projects and keeping people involved during the process. In doing so, I find it important that there is fun in working together, because I believe that this is the only way to achieve a good result together.

Joeri Bruschinski

Encouragement coach and change specialist
Specialist in Management and Organization with a focus on promoting teams to higher levels. As a rowing coach I guide various top teams in realizing their ambitions to win championships at national and international level. I believe that an unconventional way of coaching and management ensures sustainable results. Learned behavior is lost first in stressful situations. Hence, outside instructions give way to one’s own natural way of learning, based on experimentation and learning by purpose. The power is not in the content, but in what happens between people. I get energized when I work in complex environments with teams and then see the sustainable changes, even when I am no longer involved.

Lisette Regelink

Encouragement coach
A sober and engaged sociologist who looks at how teams work together and interact with one another with a natural curiosity. In a natural and pervasive way, I know how to connect and enable people to get the best out of themselves and the team. I like to think about opportunities. Also from my position as a high-level rower, I know that the right form of cooperation is crucial for achieving the desired result. Finding andining connection, trust and a pleasant collaboration are important for a sustainable and enjoyable process. With an optimistic look and a healthy dose of energy, I’d like to embark on the adventure with the goal of being successful together!

Marcel de Wit

Partner and encouragement coach
Positive and social psychologist, who knows how to strengthen the power of leaders and leadership teams from appreciation and optimism. Connecting with the strengths and movements of others is something I learned in Aikido and Tai chi from an early age. By going along with the movements, you can adjust and make use of or guide the energy of the other person. I believe that focusing on strengths and possibilities brings much more than looking at problems and resistance. I therefore always look for the intrinsic drive and potential of the individual and the team.

With an encouraging style, I facilitate processes to bring out the best in people so that results are achieved. I get enormous pleasure from making a difference to organisations in this way and seeing leaders become visibly happier. It is a philosophy that I have enjoyed developing in the book Encouragement, which is now the foundation of the iPM style of working.

Mark Wilde

Process improver and team coach
Highly experienced technical business administrator who knows how to build bridges with impact. I like to do my bit for a better society. In my spare time, I do volunteer and board work for vulnerable groups such as the seriously ill and the elderly. And in my role as a consultant, I continue to pursue this goal. I am the connector between individuals and teams, with attention to both the hard and the soft side. I approach issues from a helicopter view. I ask clarifying questions and am able to translate complexity into understandable language.

With this practical way of working, I ensure that we change and improve performance together in a sustainable way. It gives me satisfaction when the people around me take the next steps with enthusiasm. When they develop and are satisfied, I know that I have made a meaningful contribution and made an impact.

Marlijn Krol

Connector and team coach
Enthusiastic and driven change expert, who uses involvement to empower individuals to achieve more together. From my social studies I am very curious about the motives of others. I like to see that each person makes a unique contribution and it drives me to get the best out of people.

I work from qualities and possibilities. I do this by genuinely listening to the personal needs of others, where I create a pleasant, flexible and safe environment. Harmony and cohesion within the team are stimulated in this way. I encourage the team to fulfill the agreements it has made. I work in a structured way with clear goals. I am satisfied when people recognize and use their talents, so that they can be a valuable addition to their organization with (more) self-confidence and pleasure.

Max Claessens

Process and result improver
Strategist, Compete to Win. I believe in progressive and unconventional concepts in which companies and individuals can achieve their shared and personal goals through collaboration, connection and passion. The combination of academic and practical knowledge enables me to develop well-considered and feasible concepts.

Everyone fulfills a role in his or her own way that is of great importance to the success of the entire chain. Inclusion is therefore the key to success. I am proud to say that I genuinely enjoy my work, with my enthusiasm I want to motivate not only myself, but also others to continue where they would otherwise stop.

Miranda Roelofs

Business and change expert
A change manager with an eye for the human side of change. I am always concerned with the question of how something can be done better, faster or differently. From setting goals to achieving goals. In my career as a Manager of various teams in changing environments, my interest in Leadership and Organizational Development has been further fueled. What determines whether or not goals are achieved in a changing environment? This motivated me to follow a Masters in Management and Organization at the TIAS Business School in Tilburg, which I completed in 2019.

I have 15 years of managerial experience in various management positions and supervised different improvement and change processes. In my work I am pragmatic and result-oriented. Because of my extensive experience in the field of Management and Organization, I know how obstacles in the internal organization can be solved and how to get employees involved in a change. What makes me happy? Entrepreneurship, running, travelling, nature and chocolate. And from people with drive and positive energy who have the guts to step outside their comfort zone every now and then.

Paul Immerzeel

Business and change expert
People-oriented business expert, who authentically connects with the people around him with humor and openness. ‘No one is the same, everyone is equal’. From this conviction I effortlessly switch between all layers of an organization, regardless of rank and file, believing that everyone has the right to a relevant, meaningful and happy working life.

One of my credos: ‘you get what you create’. People design structures and they make decisions about other people. They organize resources, systems and processes in a certain way. I find the change side of those organizations and the behavior of people related to change very fascinating. Desired change starts with wanting to go somewhere else. I really enjoy helping people in organizations to grow together towards the desired outcome, through intended and conscious choices with better results.

Pedro van den Eijnde

Result and team improver
A highly experienced business expert who, with humor, determination, and a refreshing approach, assists organizations in achieving their goals. I work from within and enjoy being a part of the organization that I help advance with my broad expertise. I’m hands-on and work with everyone, whether it’s in the office, the boardroom, or especially on the shop floor. This personal approach ensures that I engage with all levels in an organization and get things done. I’ve already put this into practice at companies like Post NL, ASML, Kone, and Stork.

I employ my creativity in finding new and innovative solutions to complex problems, together with the people I work with. We inspire each other to achieve lasting results that align with the organization’s essence. As an out-of-the-box thinker, I explore how to ultimately make it happen without getting stuck in dogmatic thinking. Solving the problem is one aspect, but ultimately, you’re appreciated because you were there. It gives me a real sense of satisfaction when people genuinely feel helped. That’s when my mission is accomplished!

Peter Geelen

Founder & creator of iPM method
Energetic sports fanatic, who, like no other, makes organizations steer towards the best result in a practical, passionate and goal-oriented way. As a playmaker in football, I came up with smart tactics to go for the win as a team. Cooperation between the lines and understanding team dynamics is crucial. In complex organizations such as Philips, I have had the opportunity to implement this up to the highest level.

It was the environment that inspired me that management can really be different. This was because cooperation between the lines (departments) was often lacking, resulting in island thinking. Ironically, it was on an island that I devised the iPM method. A refreshing method that really takes the customer as its departure point. My drive is to quickly bring complexity back to simplicity, so that everyone in the organization understands. I also teach this to future leaders at Maastricht University. My dream is for organizations, large and small, national and international, to work better together through the eyes of their customers.

Reinier Smit

Managing Partner and Entrepreneurial strategist
Passionate and entrepreneurial strategist, who uses vision and conceptual thinking to mobilize people for the desired result. Formed in an international environment, I have learned to work with a wide variety of people and cultures at all levels. With enthusiasm, understanding and sincere interest, I ensure mutual trust. This combined with a clear vision lays the foundation for the perspective, so that the course that has been outlined can be successfully sailed.

As a cooperating foreman, I add positive energy and allow the talents of others to grow and flourish. In my role as a networker, I open doors and set up plans to get things done. It gives me enormous satisfaction if everyone can excel. In this way, objectives will be realized and maximum value will be added for people and organizations.

Remi van Dam

Managing Partner
Enthusiastic, energetic and sporty person who likes a challenge, is competitive, creative and thinks in possibilities and solutions. I am an experienced manager with passion, I like to keep going and I am always busy. I also have a ‘hands-on’ mentality and create ‘ability to act’. Motivating people, companies and teams to perform better gives me great satisfaction. I connect quickly and like an open and honest approach. I am fairly direct and set the bar high. For myself, but also for others. Good listening and an eye for norms and values ​​are self-evident to me. Human contact, empathy and knowing what is going on within an organization are important aspects to me. You achieve results as a team. By constantly distinguishing ourselves as iPM Partners and continuing to innovate, we can achieve the best results for our customers. That motivates me every day. Quality, service and a personal approach are key to me.

Robert Bukkems

Partner with heart for education and healthcare
I have experienced this undiluted solidarity in the small village where I grew up as a farmer’s son. A no-nonsense mentality combined with the values of family and entrepreneurship came naturally to me. It is important to be there for each other and to respect everyone’s dignity.

With my enthusiasm and passion, I build the right ownership and commitment, smart processes and systems and more effective cooperation. The shared goal and everyone’s strength come first. As a founding partner, I give hands and feet to iPM Partners with this approach. Every time we achieve the best results through this route, my mission is accomplished.

Rose-Marie Manders

Team coach and change specialist
Entrepreneurial connector, who wins the trust of the organisation with sincerity, integrity and the necessary humour so that together we can go for the maximum result. When ultimately the team thrives, the client experiences that and then I know that I have done my job well as coach and inspirer. I learned this at a young age when I started training and coaching basketball teams. This is also where my motto came from: ‘You never become number 1 on your own’.

With my characteristic energetic, positive and decisive approach, I enable everyone to get the best out of themselves and the team. I like to take teams on a journey of change. Together with them, I work towards an environment in which everyone feels safe and comfortable. This creates more happiness at work, so they perform better and add value to the organisation. This starts the growth curve, on the way to achieving the objectives.

Sanne van Duijn

Office manager
Structured and empathetic office manager who is always there for others with positive energy. Pro-active and thinking along in solutions and prefers to work simultaneously on various subjects. I also love to plan and organize. I like to embark on a new adventure and I am always looking for new things to learn.

I think it’s very important to have an eye for someone else. You can also see that in my job as a yoga teacher, where I guide students to get closer to themselves. I get energy from helping others to achieve a great result together. I pay attention to both the person and the result. My goal? Unburdening my colleagues as much as possible so that they can focus on our customers.

Tom Frohn

Process and result improver
Performance-oriented, enthusiastic business administrator, that’s what I am! I always want to know what happens under the bonnet of an organisation. By using analytical skills, thinking in terms of opportunities, being factual and result-oriented, I always try to get the most out of the situation for the customer. I get energy from working – both as a team and as an individual – towards the goals.

Working on the highest rung of the ladder. That is also reflected in my leisure time, where I play hockey at top sport level. As a playmaker, I am a real go-getter and team player. That is also what I bring to the clients of iPM Partners every day.

Ulas Acer

Result and process improver
Multi-disciplinary professional who always thinks about how we can do it even better tomorrow. As a curious professional, I have gained experience in finance, business control and (business) management. I use this broad experience, combined with my people skills, to look at the current situation with the customer and to determine how we can get to the desired situation. My strength lies in cutting up this change journey so it remains manageable for everyone. In doing so, I do not lose sight of people since they are indispensable in such change. Because of my extensive experience, I can easily switch between all layers of an organization. I like to live in the situation of others in order to be able to identify success factors at an early stage. This, combined with my accessible/warm personality, makes the different layers of an organization experience me as a pleasant conversation and sparring partner. I am most satisfied when we look back on a successful change that has also increased employment happiness of employees. This ultimate goal gives me the intrinsic motivation to be at the forefront and to enthuse people in times of change.

Willem Selten

Process and performance improver
Analytically strong and no nonsense technical business expert who practically links ICT to improving processes and performance. The application of structure and tactics that comes into play here is something I already applied when I trained and coached youth teams in basketball. Working together for the best result with the necessary time outs to see if the chosen route is still the right one. I can’t resist getting to the bottom of processes and systems in detail.

The challenge I always see is setting up systems so that they actually support processes. But for me it is essential to have a good connection and cooperation with the organization, the teams and the employees. Together with them I take care of setting up steering, visualizing KPI reports and applying Robotic Process Automation within processes. When this realizes impact with tangible results, I am truly satisfied.

Yuri Piepers

Process and result improver
Analytically strong mechanical engineer with broad background and experience. From running my own company to project and interim management in both the public and private sector. This diversity has familiarized me with the many facets and challenges organizations face. I use my versatile background to create cross-pollination. After all, every industry and organization has its own strengths that other organizations can learn from.

My passion lies in process improvement. With my sharp analytical skills I quickly get to the core of the problem, in order to improve the process together. In this process, calmness and focus are important to realize the improvement. I am only truly satisfied when we achieve tangible results.