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WSD group: lean in social employment services
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WSD group: lean in social employment services

The Participation Act makes its appearance. From an execution organization financed by the national government to an organization that has to prove its right to exist on the free market. To keep up their performance, WSD group had to become more efficient and effective. Together with the employees (and iPM Partners) they managed to improve turnover, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.


Social employment service WSD group collaborates as a partner with municipalities and employers to help people with a distance to the labor market find work. To arm itself against the changing Participation Act, a well-functioning internal organization was needed to operate in a more decisive and customer-oriented manner.


Together with iPM Partners, WSD group took the following steps:

  • Better meet customer needs.
  • Streamline processes through practical application of LEAN.
  • Performance indicators are defined, in accordance with iPM.
  • Improvement boards help the organization make short-cycle improvements.
  • Employees have been coached to master the lean technique.
  • Implementation of new ICT system to provide maximum support for LEAN processes.
  • Securing knowledge by setting up own improvement center.


iPM Partners’ approach helped improve customer satisfaction and collaboration across the organization. Opportunities in the market were better exploited. Sales increased significantly and costs were reduced. Additional capacity was freed up to do more work. Employee involvement in improving processes also grew.

iPM Partners won’t leave until they are sure we can do it on our own. Technology is one thing, but being able to use that technology, that’s what matters. iPM has done an excellent job at that.

Kees Peeters, CEO businesses WSD group
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