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Verhoeven Earthmoving machines: iPM applied at growing family business
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Verhoeven Earthmoving machines: iPM applied at growing family business


Successful family businesses, such as Verhoeven Earthmoving machines in Maarheeze, are characterized by a close-knit and customer-oriented culture. Thanks to their entrepreneurial spirit, they regularly experience a growth spurt. After the financial crisis, Verhoeven succeeded in broadening its product range. Thanks to its success and an acquisition, the company grew like crazy. However, such growth carries the risk of putting pressure on the close-knit, customer-oriented culture. Johan van Rozendaal saw this risk when he took over as managing director. He considered it his mission to preserve the “we do it together” culture while working towards a more efficient organization that continues to grow healthily. He asked iPM Partners to assist him with this.


Verhoeven chose to implement iPM integrally in five steps. The company summarized the strategy on a strategy map and named the customer chains. They began by improving their two main chains: selling and building new machines and selling and delivering parts and equipment. A sales manager was made chain owner of these chains. Verhoeven also started working with short standing consultations in some 25 pit stops. Thanks to team development by iPM Partners and training coaches, Verhoeven learned how to apply iPM itself.


Verhoeven made imaginative improvements in part thanks to iPM. For example, obsolete inventory has been reduced by 80 percent and the shortfall in billed hours by 10 percent. In addition, the company shortened set-up and lead times. Improvements such as these contributed to better results. Verhoeven saw returns double in two years. Turnover also increased significantly. Rozendaal on the iPM method: “It puts the hierarchy at the service of the processes. Because of the customer chains, everyone sees his share in the whole. The chain creates a dialogue between all departments that play a role from the first to the last contact with a customer. Together you make agreements on how to improve.”

Family businesses value the idea that everyone has a stake in success. That is where iPM can help.

Johan van Rozendaal, general manager Verhoeven Earthmoving Machinery
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