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ROC Midden-Nederland: increased focus on students
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ROC Midden-Nederland: increased focus on students

ROC Midden Nederland provides intermediate vocational education, participation education and corporate training in the province of Utrecht. With its education and various other services, such as reintegration programs, the organization operates at the center of society. The goal is to seamlessly connect with the demand of students, employers and other organizations.


ROC Midden Nederland felt it needed to sharpen itself in this regard while improving the health of the organization. iPM supported the organization with the VOPP program aimed at improving the entire organization.


In the journey to greater focus, iPM Partners supported ROC Midden Nederland with:

  • Developing the program and a shared vision on process-oriented work, improvement and direction.
  • Educating, mentoring and coaching management and staff.
  • Improving processes.
  • Defining performance indicators and developing steering information.
  • Supporting education and services in implementing the changes.


Thanks in part to the input of iPM Partners, important processes such as intake, workplace learning, career learning, examining, planning and scheduling improved. Employees started working more efficiently, cooperation improved and the quality of education increased. The organization also gained better insight into its own performance.

ROC Midden Nederland asked iPM Partners for a follow-up assignment after this program.

Together with iPM Partners, we are working on sharpening our processes and steering in which our students are the main focus. We experience the approach, practical attitude, experience and support as valuable and it enables us to realize the chosen direction step by step and learn from it together. Because ultimately everyone is involved in this journey and we are working towards an organization that is ready for the future.

Leonard Geluk, chairman of the Executive Board
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