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Pluryn Region East: together we make the future
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Pluryn Region East: together we make the future

And by … two words that typify the motto of the employees of Pluryn Region East. Despite the turbulent period they have been through, for them the client – young people who are at risk of developmental delay due to their situation – is always central. Acting in a rapidly changing environment is a challenge; it helps to be able to fall back on a good foundation.

In search of this foundation, and following positive past experiences, director Eric van der Graaf invited iPM Partners and NextSteps and challenged them to combine the best of both approaches into one plan of action. This plan focused on translating the dream – a future for all young people – through customer chains to teams; where the work actually takes place.

By paying attention to processes, control, attitude & behavior and (personal) leadership, the dream was appropriately translated. A “do it by showing it to others, do it together, do it yourself” approach was chosen, in order to guarantee safeguarding for the future. The process focuses on three pillars: Good Life, Nice Work and a Healthy Business.

Director Eric van der Graaf summarizes, “During the program, working from the heart and intention were consistently linked to working from team goals focused on measurable results. In my opinion, this process of awareness and joint learning has had a unique and empowering effect on all participants, employees and managers alike; the “AND GO ON!” program has brought about a substantial change on multiple levels.

The young people and their parents notice this in the stability, calmness in the groups and the attention that is given to them. In addition, support services such as education, specialized treatment and customized care have been organized effectively and efficiently.

The organization is in calmer waters, absenteeism has decreased and significantly fewer incidents take place. Executives have begun to work differently with each other and with other colleagues, creating more synergy at the various locations.

AND GO! has made a lasting contribution to strengthening the teams and the organization which makes me confident about the future.

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