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Obvion: living with the customer
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Obvion: living with the customer

To hold your own in the mortgage market, distinctiveness is vital. Obvion understands this like no other. Thanks to iPM, processes have been accelerated, employee involvement has increased and service to intermediaries has improved.


Obvion provides mortgages to individuals. It is one of the largest mortgage lenders in the intermediary segment. In a turbulent market, Obvion wants to be a reliable financial services provider with responsible products and optimal services. The company wanted to achieve this by introducing the Obvion+ formula, through frequent steering and continuous improvement of its customer processes.


iPM Partners supported Obvion with, among other things:

  • The development of the strategy map.
  • Translating the Obvion formula towards the shop floor with the right KPIs.
  • Defining the customer processes.
  • Setting up and supervising high-frequency steering.
  • Training all operations employees on LEAN principles with the game Top Print.
  • Training experts in LEAN, including Root Cause Analysis.
  • Developing a game to get strategy and core values internalized.


The iPM approach increased employee involvement in achieving goals. Processes were accelerated. Services to clients and intermediaries improved. In 2010, Obvion won the Golden Shield, making it the best mortgage lender in the Netherlands.

iPM Partners combines LEAN and strategy with integral performance management. This creates a clear steering and improvement on the processes that is understood on the shop floor. By aligning steering and improvement with strategy, the circle is complete and an organization moves in the right direction.

John Maes, Director of Operations Obvion N.V.
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