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KWF Cancer Society: for a better quality of life
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KWF Cancer Society: for a better quality of life

For a charity, working efficiently is an important responsibility. Reason for KWF Kankerbestrijding to be keen on efficiency. Together with iPM Partners, the organization reduced the processing time of grant applications, among other things.


KWF kankerbestrijding is the driving force behind cancer control in the Netherlands. The foundation has a structure with a director, a staff department, four programs, in which policy is formulated, and two clusters responsible for its implementation. In addition, there are three main advisory bodies. KWF Kankerbestrijding was looking for a way to have the various organizational units work better together, improve the underlying processes and align them with the realization of the strategic objectives.


iPM Partners supported KWF Kankerbestrijding with:

  • Developing the strategy map.
  • Defining the end-to-end processes.
  • Developing a detailed process model for the entire organization.
  • Implementing an iPM-supporting BPM tool.
  • Naming performance indicators.
  • Training management on process-oriented management and improvement with the game Top Print.
  • Centralizing the handling of all first-line questions and requests (KWF Public Service).


With the iPM approach, the foundation has gained much more insight into its daily operations. The approach has also led to a more process-oriented way of working, steering and continuous improvement. The turnaround time of grant applications has decreased significantly. Missed revenues due to direct debit failures have also been significantly reduced.

iPM Partners has a very flexible attitude, without losing sight of the goal. They quickly empathize with the organizational culture while maintaining a fresh perspective.

Wim Vooijs, Manager of Quality, SLIM project leader, KWF Cancer society
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