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Koninklijke Mosa: Improving through the chain
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Koninklijke Mosa: Improving through the chain

Improving through the chain at Koninklijke Mosa

Koninklijke Mosa is a renowned tile manufacturer. For 135 years, they have been producing ceramics with innovative Dutch design. They have embarked on an extensive journey with iPM Partners to improve their collaboration within the supply chain. Tom van Kan (Production Manager) says, “I now have daily contact with different teams. The most important aspect of the time-out sessions is that each team member feels part of the team and that we are working together towards a clear goal.”

Time for a time-out

Recently, the organization has implemented organization-wide time-outs. It is a moment for everyone to come together and discuss how we have been performing as an organization and how we can improve. Various departments, from sales to engineering, participate in these sessions. This ensures that employees from A to Z are involved. Enrique Segers (Production Manager, WTF) explains, “A time-out is a brief interruption, just like in a game. We assess our performance: how are we scoring? What are the results? Are we on the right track or not? If we are not doing well, how can we improve? And if we are doing well, how do we maintain that top result?”

A matter of practice

This new way of working requires some practice. Frank Cremers (Delivery Coordinator) says, “We are working on improving each other, which builds confidence within the team. It is a new way of working for most people, as well as a new way of communicating.” It is important that everyone has the opportunity to voice their opinions, listen to each other, and collectively think about a good solution. Keep the time-outs short and to the point, and avoid delving into detailed discussions during the meeting. That can be done after the time-out. “We need to focus on the things we really need to work on, so that we can have more peace and less stress later on.”

More efficiency within the organization

Increased collaboration in the supply chain has a positive impact on the entire organization, including the production process. Ingmar Alberts (Production Manager) states, “Throughout the entire factory, we hold similar time-outs and work with the same methodology. Together, we address improvement proposals. As a result, we can produce more square meters with the same number of people at a lower cost, while ensuring safety.” Customers also benefit from this approach. Ron van de Werdt (Assistant Production Manager) adds, “Ultimately, the customer pays less for their product when it is produced as efficiently as possible.”

Each team member feels part of the team. Together, we strive for a clear goal.

Koninklijke Mosa

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