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How iPM helps municipalities get more control
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How iPM helps municipalities get more control

Municipalities have more and more tasks on their plate, such as youth care. To serve citizens well, orderly processes and smooth cooperation are necessary. For three municipalities in Brabant, this was reason to start working with chain management, KPIs and dashboards. ‘Colleagues are now more involved in how we perform.’


It is increasingly difficult for municipalities to have and keep a grip on their services. Especially after they were given responsibility for Youth Care in 2015. In the municipalities of Alphen-Chaam, Baarle-Nassau and Gilze and Rijen another complicating factor was added a year later; they started working together in the ABG organization. Initially, they found it difficult to make this a success on their own. They asked iPM Partners for support in reorganizing the services in the social domain. In such a way that the workload would be lower and consultation more effective. They were also looking for more overview, more effective management and a more citizen-oriented approach.


ABG chose the step-by-step integral iPM approach. The organization first made a strategy map and identified the customer chains. It also started working with (as much as possible standing and weekly) chain meetings. Officials were given dashboards with KPIs that gave them an up-to-date picture of how they were performing. With traffic lights that can be on red, orange or green and show whether goals are being met. Employees were supported in chain thinking to better manage the use of resources and time. Teams and employees were coached and guided in encouraging each other more to achieve improvements together.


The iPM approach has given officials in the ABG organization a better overview, which increases their grip, helps them to focus on priorities and can reduce their workload. They can make adjustments more easily when needed, and service delivery has improved. The consultations in the customer chains make a substantial difference in this respect; it stimulates cooperation between officials from different departments as well as between policy and implementation. And finally, the overview of the policy, such as in youth care, has increased. Greater insight into the chain allows them to better estimate what the costs and effects of improvement measures will be and keep a better grip on spending. There has also been an acceleration in the services provided to citizens requesting support. The number of WMO applications open longer than the agreed deadline has been reduced by more than 40 percent. And consultants are closing up to 30 percent more files per week.

Thinking about customer chains helps us better manage resources and time fairly. In the past, we tended to move quickly to a solution. Now we think about tasks in a structured way before we get started.

Piet Sprangers, responsible for the social domain at ABG
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