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Care facility Pluryn: compassion
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Care facility Pluryn: compassion

After shifting course, care organization Pluryn wanted to gain more insights in and grip on results. At the same time, it wanted to give teams more responsibility, with employees working with more focus on achieving client and organizational goals. Guided by iPM Partners, over 200 teams started working with ‘Compassion’. The goal was to better align with the passion of clients and employees. It was also intended to bring more focus and improve cooperation and dialogue. A clear compass had to be created, with which teams and management could formulate, implement and follow concrete improvement actions. This was successful. Furthermore, Pluryn achieved a nice customer satisfaction rating of 7.8 in 2015.


Pluryn is a large organization for youth, disability and mental health care. The organization focuses on complex care issues. Clients often have serious behavioral problems, a (mild) mental disability combined with psychiatric problems. Pluryn works with outpatient teams and has eleven specialized headquarters. The organization has more than 300 residential locations in Gelderland, North Limburg and Northeast Brabant.

Pluryn had to respond to drastic changes in healthcare, such as ‘ambulantization’ (treating patients at home more often). This required a clear course and more insight into results, through better use of management information. In addition, more connection was needed between the parent organization and the teams.

Furthermore, Pluryn wanted to give teams more ownership and have them work together better. The organization wanted employees to make a maximum contribution to achieving client goals and the organizational goals. But also have employees work with more passion and give them more opportunities to develop.


iPM Partners supported Pluryn with the Compassion program to:

  • Design a Pluryn approach, where goals are connected and come to life;
  • Simplify the P&C cycle, focusing on steering and improving rather than justifying;
  • Redesigning primary (client) processes, in line with client needs and changes in care;
  • With all team leaders sharpening and introducing the approach (via gaming – 110 team leaders in one day), raising awareness and building ownership;
  • Setting up short-cycle ‘improvement consultations’ within teams and disciplines with team boards;
  • Training and coaching teams and team leaders on continuous improvement;
  • Training 30 internal process supervisors to help support the rollout at all locations. This ensures that the way of working continues after the program is completed.


iPM Partners’ approach has provided better functioning management consultation structures. In addition, cooperation between care teams and management teams has improved. Together with internal process supervisors, we have trained over 200 teams in management and improvement. A structural dialogue now takes place within teams about the performance to be achieved for the client and the organizational goals. As a result, employees often think beyond the interests of their own department. We supported Pluryn in such a way that they were able to continue on their own from spring 2016. Pluryn quickly achieved results with the new approach. An average client satisfaction rating of 7.8 was measured for 2015. The lowest rating was a 6.8, the highest an 8.4. “The Compassion program has created more ownership, a clear focus on what is important to our clients and to us and to an approachable culture. This accelerates our learning process, people are actively thinking along, engagement is high and improvements are actually picked up and implemented.”

The guidance from iPM Partners was practical, process- and result-oriented and necessary for our organization to break old patterns. We laid a foundation from which we learn to do better and better step by step.

Monique Kavelaars / Rob de Jong, Pluryn
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