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Groep Gerechtsdeurwaarders Nederland (Bailiffs): towards a shared strategy
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Groep Gerechtsdeurwaarders Nederland (Bailiffs): towards a shared strategy

GGN is an organization that emerged from a merger between fourteen offices, each with its own past. iPM helped the bailiff organization define its strategy and unify and streamline its processes. Together with employees, productivity was further increased and service improved.


Groep Gerechtsdeurwaarders Nederland (GGN) is the largest collection specialist and bailiff in the Netherlands. In total GGN has over 1,500 employees spread over 28 offices in the Netherlands. GGN also has an extensive network of debt collection partners in and outside Europe. GGN was officially established in 2002 as a partnership of fourteen bailiff offices with national coverage. All offices had their own strategy, marketing and vision. GGN’s new objective was to arrive at a shared strategy, a coordinated market approach, tighter management based on KPIs and streamlined and uniform customer processes, including the underlying ICT systems.


iPM Partners supported GGN with:

  • Recalibrating the strategy and translating it into the GGN strategy map.
  • Translating the strategy to the shop floor in accordance with the iPM KPI structure and approach.
  • High frequency steering and improvement through the PIT Stop.
  • Developing competencies in leadership, steering and improvement.
  • Guidance in the design and establishment of data warehouse and business intelligence platform.
  • Redesigning the main customer chains and involving employees in this.
  • Making all processes and work instructions accessible.
  • Developing training to secure the new way of working.
  • Increasing the commercial strength.


Management and employees now better understand GGN’s strategy. Employees are constantly challenged to come up with improvement ideas and have a role in their own realization. Insight into the performance of customer processes has increased. Customer processes have been unified and the level of automation has been increased. As a result, productivity and service quality have increased.

We want employees to know and feel that they are part of a greater whole and that everyone’s contribution to our goals is useful and desired. iPM Partners is a driving force in this through their strategic but practical approach and guidance.

Henk Keizer, chairman of the Board of Directors
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