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FLOW ensures better cooperation ROC Midden Nederland
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FLOW ensures better cooperation ROC Midden Nederland

ROC Midden Nederland stands for intermediate vocational education, participation education and corporate training in the province of Utrecht. With this education and all kinds of other services, such as reintegration programs, the organization is at the center of society. The aim is to seamlessly connect with the demand of students, employers and other organizations with high-quality education.


Twelve small-scale MBO colleges provide education on a daily basis. Due to various mergers, the different colleges had a variety of different processes and systems. This great variety was inefficient and stood in the way of further improving service to students and employees. ROC Midden Nederland wanted to digitize processes while making them more efficient. In order to reduce costs and indirectly increase the quality of education. This was a second assignment for iPM Netherlands after the earlier program VOPP.


iPM Partners helped ROC Midden Nederland with:

  • Setting up the program and developing approaches to implement it.
  • Training, supervising, coordinating and coaching management and staff.
  • Supporting education and services in implementing the changes.
  • Describing and improving educational and support processes.
  • Translating processes into one system (EduArte).
  • Developing management information.


ROC Midden Nederland has digitized its processes. These are now supported by the uniform student tracking system EduArte. The digitization of the processes increases efficiency (and reduces indirect costs): data exchange is easier, the number of transfer moments has been reduced and the data are available anywhere and anytime.

The Flow program has led to the improvement of information exchange between students and teachers but also between staff members. Teachers have more time to devote to students and feel more responsible for improving teaching. “With Flow, the colleges are again involved in the implementation of the education support processes. They also really experience it as their problem when something is not going well and work with the administration to find a solution. The program team plays a good stimulating role in this and supports the management teams of the colleges where necessary.”

Because of their knowledge of the processes and systems, the people on the program team and iPM staff are highly valued by both the education and the administration.

Kees Rutten, Executive Board
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