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Evides Water Company: change on the horizon
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Evides Water Company: change on the horizon

Having water every day is not a given. A company like Evides takes care of that. They wanted to be able to respond better to customer demand. With iPM, the water company improved its process for hookups and increased the speed of adjustments to the grid.


Evides Waterbedrijf is the drinking water company for customers in Zeeland, the southwest of South Holland and part of Brabant. The Infra division is responsible for the construction and management of the pipeline network up to and including the connection at the customer’s premises. The water company operates in an environment that is becoming increasingly dynamic. Changes in the pipeline network are the order of the day. These dynamics require a specific way of managing, in which processes are continuously improved.


iPM Partners assisted Evides Infra with the following:

  • Develop a vision of steering and improvement for Evides Infra.
  • Defining and implementing a strategy map and KPI trees for all customer chains.
  • Setting up steering and guidance for management.
  • Setting up process improvement boards and providing guidance to team leaders.
  • Training the process experts in process improvement.
  • Implementing and supervising process improvement projects.


The new way of steering and improving provides Evides Infra with better insight into the realization of strategic objectives. There is control of all customer chains, with the involvement of all relevant links. The involvement of employees in optimizing processes has been increased. Network adjustments, maintenance and consumer connection have been accelerated and implemented more efficiently.

The strength of iPM Partners lies in integrating ongoing initiatives and linking them to a vision of how to manage business processes integrally and continuously improve them. In twelve months, we managed to significantly improve the steering of our primary processes, cutting lead times in half in a number of areas.

Evert ter Keurst, CEO Evides Infra Divisie
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