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Douwe Egberts Coffee Systems: towards 9+ customer satisfaction
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Douwe Egberts Coffee Systems: towards 9+ customer satisfaction

Douwe Egberts Coffee Systems wanted to move from a sales and financially driven ‘transaction factory’, to a highly customer-oriented organization. With the dream: much more value for customers (customer satisfaction 9+) and therefore growth in market share. Thanks to iPM and the commitment of employees, this succeeded.


Douwe Egberts Coffee Systems (now DE Professional) develops and sells coffee machines and appliances to companies, institutions and the hospitality industry. After the integration of seven business units, the need arose to adjust the various divergent processes and ways of working, with the goal of a unified, customer-oriented company. Improving the service level, achieving strategic goals and renewing the IT landscape were paramount.


Together with iPM Partners, DE took the following steps:

  • Compile a strategy map.
  • Develop new customer processes and the right KPIs.
  • Setting up high-frequency steering from management to the work floor.
  • Coaching of management in daily steering.
  • Train over eight hundred employees in iPM.
  • Renew ICT based on customer processes.


Thanks to iPM, Douwe Egberts Coffee Systems has made an important professionalization in efficiency and customer experience. Subsequently, all Sara Lee International companies have adopted and implemented the iPM approach within non-operations. You can read more in the book Integral Performance Management at Douwe Egberts.

It is mainly iPM Partners and the iPM approach that have helped Douwe Egberts take a major new step forward in a structured way.

Fred Vijvers, general director Douwe Egberts Coffee Systems, 2003 – 2008
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