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Central Drenthe GP service: control over own role
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Central Drenthe GP service: control over own role

Centrale Huisartsendienst Drenthe (CHD) – founded in 2001 – provides urgent GP care outside normal practice hours in a large part of Drenthe by means of GP outpatient services. The general practitioners from the day practices jointly guarantee the fulfillment of good care for all patients. Within Drenthe, there are four GP posts, with each region working with a team of triage specialists and drivers. In 2014, the CHD was ready for the next step.


This next step is actually going to give more responsibility to employees (and GPs) on the shop floor. So that means “deciding” rather than “thinking along” on issues. In essence, this involves bottom-up organizing, where people have maximum influence to really and properly shape their own role. People take responsibility themselves and work from their own strengths. In addition, there is a need for a good connection between parts of the organization. The name of the program: Control Over Own Role (Dutch abbreviation: ROER).


iPM Partners supported the Central Drenthe GP Service in:

  • Development of ROER.
  • Guidance in and support for the implementation of ROER.
  • Training and coaching of board, MT and managers.
  • Supervision of intervision board and MT.
  • Supervision of improvement teams.
  • Training of internal process leaders in Lean Management (including Kaizen) and Theory U.
  • Support and coaching of internal process leaders.
  • Identifying perceived bottlenecks throughout the organization
  • Redesign of processes to solve most urgent bottlenecks with improvement teams.
  • Securing daily improvements from one’s own responsibility and commitment to the content of one’s work (at every level).


iPM Partners’ approach is helping the organization work more integrally. Cross-departmental improvement teams have solved long-standing bottlenecks, such as overflow of telephone calls in the province. An organization-wide improvement team from various departments has been set up to fundamentally review the primary process. There is less hierarchical work, professionals are supported more and there is more connection among them. Every day we improve a little bit more to make “good emergency care and great work” a reality. Frank Buisman, manager at Centrale Huisartsendienst Drenthe: “For me the ROER process is no longer a process, but a new continuous way of working. In the daily routine I notice, that people are more involved in the organization, think along and become more assertive to be able to co-decide on important matters.”

In iPM Partners’ guidance, there was room to live through the change as an organization and as a team. We are now able to further explore the new approach with each other from a good foundation and have confidence in our own ability as a team.

Frank Buisman, manager Central Drenthe GP Service
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