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Berkvens Deursystemen (Door Systems): navigating crisis in the construction industry
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Berkvens Deursystemen (Door Systems): navigating crisis in the construction industry

To keep performing in times of economic adversity, Berkvens Deursystemen needed to become much fitter and more efficient. Together with employees (and iPM Partners), they managed to cut failure costs and absenteeism in half, provide more reliable delivery and increase customer satisfaction.


Berkvens Deursystemen focuses on the development, manufacture, sale, transport and assembly of interior doors, interior door frames and sliding door systems for residential and commercial construction. To guard against the economic crisis and to remain successful in a shrinking market, the internationally operating family business decided to adjust its strategy, customer processes and control.


Together with iPM Partners, Berkvens took the following steps:

  • With the “Moving forward on Doorfocus” program, iPM has been widely implemented.
  • Performance indicators have been defined.
  • Thirty improvement boards help the organization achieve short-cycle improvements.
  • Setting up control at the management, process and team levels.
  • Describing and improving various customer chains.
  • Setting up a standard operating procedure for improving and finding root causes.
  • Setting up program management.


iPM Partners’ approach helped improve customer satisfaction and reliability with respect to delivery. Plant failure costs were cut in half and inventories could be reduced. Employee involvement in improving processes also grew. Absenteeism fell by 50%.

For Berkvens, iPM turned out to be an excellent process-oriented method to steer, support and make the change process sustainable. The support offered was hands-on and to the point.

Piet van Loenhout, CEO Berkvens Deursystemen
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