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For who

For who

You are wondering whether you are getting the most out of your organization. Day-to-day issues dominate, and there is too little focus on customers and innovation. We work with you and your employees on strategy, structure and a culture of encouragement. We do this with our unique iPM method according to the principle of doing, doing together and doing it yourself. Our team of specialists helps you and your organization to achieve better results in a sustainable way. Thanks to customer chains, the right KPIs and team development, you will achieve your strategic objectives.

For businesses

The proper implementation of strategy is a challenge for many organizations. An important underlying cause for this strategic problem is an overly rigid functional design of the management of an organization: the organization chart is sacred.

iPM Partners is fundamentally different in this regard. Through our approach, the right KPIs and team development, you will achieve both better and more sustainable results.

For education

To lay a good foundation for a bright future for young people’. Fulfilling that dream with passion gives working in education meaning and makes it beautiful. This is the starting point. But providing good education sounds easier than it is. We believe in powerful educational content, strong and vital teams and a sound approach to how we do our work together.

With the iPM Method for education, we mobilise your organisation to really put students first. An encouraging approach that strengthens cooperation within and across teams, improves processes and systems, increases job satisfaction and helps improve quality and educational results.

For public domain

Since its inception, iPM Partners has been providing solutions for organizations within the public domain. Our specialists speak the language of municipalities, provinces and water boards. These organizations deal with diverse tasks, processes and themes, taking into account the law and efficiency. Over the years, the challenges have often become extra complex, both within the social and physical domain. How can the municipality provide an appropriate response to themes such as housing, spatial planning, youth care, sustainability and the labor market. iPM Partners helps municipalities and other government agencies with this.

For healthcare

We have been cooperating with health care clients for years and we know what is important in this field. Their clients only have one wish: to remain healthy and fit for as long as possible. A good life. Fulfilling that wish with passion gives working in healthcare meaning and makes it beautiful. To be successful, we believe in powerful healthcare content, strong and vital result-oriented teams and a sound approach to how we do our work together.

With the iPM Method for health care, we work with you to improve your care logistics processes and systems, make your teams stronger and more vigorous, bring KPIs and team plans to life, strengthen quality management and culture, and deploy the digital health care assistant to help you get rid of peaks. We work with you in an encouraging way to increase your learning capacity, in which steering and improving is simply part of the daily work.

For housing corporations

Housing corporations see the needs of their tenants changing. They demand an increasingly diverse, affordable and sustainable supply of housing that does not exclude anyone. And they demand a service that fits this digital century: efficient where possible, warm and personal when needed. This requires housing corporations to be more outward-looking and to cooperate more flexibly with partners.

The iPM Method will help you achieve this. Together with your people, tenants and network partners, we work on agile and customer-oriented processes and an encouraging culture. This will increase tenant satisfaction as well as simultaneously increasing the effectiveness and financial health of your corporation.