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The ‘secret’ of iPM unraveled
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The ‘secret’ of iPM unraveled

Attention – This is an old message. Are you interested in the secret of iPM? Book an inspirational session with us. You can do this through our iPM method page.

Now that the sun is shining, it’s time to repair your roof! Renew and improve your organization with Integrated Performance Management (iPM). Our new e-book reveals how our unique approach works. You will learn how to build a better organization together with your people.

iPM teaches your organization to focus its energy on what truly matters. Thanks to our approach, your people will collaborate more effectively on what truly counts for customers. To achieve this, you will work on all aspects of business operations: strategy, structure, and culture.

iPM teaches your organization to focus its energy on what truly matters

Peter Geelen

Fertile culture

iPM enables you to fundamentally change the way you manage your organization. You move away from thinking in silos such as procurement and sales, eliminating the main cause of your organization’s failure (and many others). Instead, you shift to customer chains and new KPIs that stimulate collaboration.

iPM ensures that your employees and teams become involved in improvements. During team development, they learn how to have more effective discussions and tap into each other’s talents. This creates a fertile culture of encouragement where your people no longer talk about each other but with each other.


A major achievement of iPM is that you gain much greater control over the performance of your organization. You will learn how to translate your strategy into measurable results, regardless of the sector you operate in. Our approach has proven its effectiveness in all organizations where collaboration within the value chain could be improved. This applies to mature profit-oriented companies that have become siloed, as well as merged organizations in education or healthcare that lack focus.

iPM is here for you too

Our new e-book, ‘Learn Together to Build a Better Organization,‘ provides you with insights into what iPM can mean for your organization and the results our clients have achieved with it. We are eager to share our approach with you because we want to inspire as many people as possible to improve their performance. Take the chance and start building!

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