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The KPIs of customer satisfaction
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The KPIs of customer satisfaction

The quarter has come to an end. In many workplaces, it is now time to look back on the previous quarter. What were the results? Have they improved or deteriorated? And why? This was also the case at an organization in the financial services sector. The number of new customers and the number of realized bank connections are reported on a quarterly basis.

The employee responsible for this took the initiative themselves. Why? This way, it becomes clear what the employee has been working on and what it has yielded. The manager was pleasantly surprised. Never before had an employee done this, and there was no insight at this level at all. New customers were coming in, but there was no real understanding of how many there were! This initiative led to the first insights into these results.

As a customer, you want to be appreciated for your choice

The question is whether these KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are relevant. You may wonder why. Of course, it is relevant to know that there are new customers, that the sales funnel is well filled, and that better planning can be achieved.

However, the question goes beyond this. With these KPIs, it is indeed clear what the employee is achieving, but does it make the customer happy? Does it contribute to customer satisfaction?

In short, the question that needs to be asked is which KPIs truly contribute to customer satisfaction without giving up the quality and quantity of the employee’s work. The cause and effect relationship is crucial here. When you, as a customer, choose a new supplier, you want to be appreciated for this choice. The justification for this choice is not solely based on being included in the supplier’s system. You assume that is taken care of.

The question that should actually be asked is: which kpi’s really contribute to customer satisfaction, without giving up on the quality and quantity of the employee’s work?

Peter Geelen – iPM Partners

What is the cost of providing peace of mind?

What you, as a customer, are specifically judging is the speed with which you can get in touch with the organization to arrange the services you have purchased. When you order a product online, you want to receive it as quickly as possible. Nowadays, it is considered slow if it takes more than a week. “Ordered today, delivered tomorrow” has become more and more the standard.

The same applies to business services. You want to be helped as quickly as possible. At the very least, you want a sign of life as soon as you, as a customer, have chosen this supplier. You want a contact moment where you are informed or kept informed of the developments that are important to you. You don’t want to have to think about it yourself because you are already busy enough with your core activities. You should be relieved of this service. After all, that’s what you’re paying for.

A KPI relevant to the role and customer expectations

Let’s return to the good initiative of the employee. If the employee is responsible for the number of newly registered customers in the system, two important elements come into play: time and functional responsibility. Ultimately, entering the customer into the system is a hygiene factor. The question is more about how quickly the customer is registered in the system. More specifically, how long does it take for the customer to be contacted once they have given the order to use the service? If the employee thinks that 4 weeks is fast enough, but the customer expects to be contacted within 1 week, there is a mismatch. This employee cannot be held responsible for the number of new customers entered. That is the responsibility of the sales department. They must ensure the influx of new customers or the expansion of the service package for existing customers. The data entry employee can meet the expectations by meeting the customer’s expectations as quickly as possible.

Within ten business days the KPIs for customer satisfaction

Before you begin creating reports and defining KPIs, ask yourself whether these KPIs align with customer expectations. This has been previously discussed in terms of customer values. Customer values are important in determining the KPIs. Map out the customer chains and consider the tactics you will employ to meet those customer expectations.

iPM Partners assists your organization in achieving this quickly and effectively. Within 10 working days, you will have the right set of KPIs for your organization. This will make it clear to everyone what their contribution is to the higher-level goal of the organization. It fosters engagement and creates the desired spirit for your organization, resulting in highly satisfied customers.

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