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Supporting Asian Kidz Support
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Supporting Asian Kidz Support

In 2021, we had the privilege of providing guidance to esteemed organizations in realizing their ambitions and aspirations. Empirical evidence has demonstrated the successful application of the iPM methodology across all sectors, ranging from private to public organizations. Notably, a significant proportion of these organizations have a societal mandate encompassing domains such as education, healthcare, social welfare, labor participation, and housing.

It is self-evident that perspective is important for organizations and employees. It begins from the moment you are born. It is often said that the youth is the future. For iPM Partners, this means that we not only focus on it in our work but also in our societal contribution. One of the organizations we have been supporting since its establishment in 2009 is Asian Kidz Support (AKS). This foundation aims to raise funds in the Netherlands to finance and support (small-scale) projects that improve the care and well-being of underprivileged children in Asia. We personally know the people behind the foundation and witness the personal time they dedicate to AKS to make it a success. Education is a key focus area for them.

This year, we also received a report on the allocation of our donations. Here’s a quote: “Successive outbreaks of COVID-19 in Vietnam have heavily impacted the local communities in the mountainous province of Dien Bien. In early March, hundreds of children did not return to school due to COVID-related poverty. 80% of the students who did not return to the classroom are girls, and at least 22% of these girls got married (child marriage) or became pregnant during the school closures. Additionally, girls in almost every age group are more likely to be forced into labor than boys. The impact of the pandemic is enormous, as child marriages and the premature termination of education play a crucial role in the vulnerability of girls to human trafficking. Education is the foundation to break this cycle.” Further along in the report, it describes what can be achieved through targeted projects and actions, with the “back to school” model being employed as an approach.

In order to involve as many girls as possible, we have decided to allocate the Christmas donation, which you were accustomed to receiving from us, for this purpose.

Peter Geelen

But what is needed to keep these girls in school and develop them to the desired level? These are challenges that we have also faced in the education system in the Netherlands, and successful efforts have been made in collaboration with educational institutions.

For iPM Partners, this is the reason why we will further invest in projects implemented by AKS in the coming years and actively support a group of young girls until they graduate. We not only provide the necessary resources but also contribute to the interventions that help these girls successfully obtain their diplomas. In order to involve as many girls as possible, we have decided to allocate the Christmas donation, which you were accustomed to receiving from us, for this purpose. We highly value our relationship with you and believe that by doing so, you are also participating in this wonderful initiative. We wish you happy holidays and a healthy 2022.

For more information about Asian Kidz Support:

Do you want to contribute more?

If you, as an organization or professional, also want to contribute to the care and improvement of underprivileged children, please provide your support by making a donation to the following account:

IBAN: NL33INGB0005195037
t.n.v. stichting Asian Kidz Support te Asten

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