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Student: OFF, Young Professional: ON!
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Student: OFF, Young Professional: ON!

Guest lecture Summa College

One by one, the students from Summa College enter the room. It’s their last day of class, and today a guest lecture on citizenship is scheduled. Is that really necessary? I’ve already learned everything about care and medical procedures, right? I’m ready to start working. But what does that actually mean, what awaits you?

We asked this thought-provoking question during the guest lecture for nursing students at Summa College in Eindhoven. The initial response from the students was hesitant. However, thinking about this on the last day of class before your vacation turned out to be a hit. With much enthusiasm and mature insights as a result.

I am ready to start working. What does that actually mean? What awaits you then?

Peter Geelen

Knowledge versus self-knowledge

During the lecture, we took a glimpse into that future. We pretended that the students were already colleagues and discussed what would change in that scenario. What is expected of a professional? How do the dynamics among colleagues change?

We wanted to teach the students that during work, it’s not only expertise and professional skills that matter. Self-knowledge and knowledge about team dynamics and your role in them are also important. Because they contribute to the quality of your work and how you experience it.

Let’s Work(shop)!

Throughout the afternoon, we engaged in conversations with the young professionals, allowing them to gain a better understanding of their personal motivations. Various tests combined with questions such as “How do you ensure that you derive energy from your work?”, “When do you feel empowered?”, “How do you deal with colleagues whose behavior clashes with your character?”, and “What does it mean to be a lifelong learner?” were discussed. Beautiful motivations, such as ‘helping others progress’, ‘bringing a smile to my patient’s face’, or ‘enabling someone who arrives in a wheelchair to walk home’, emerged during these discussions.

Slowly but surely, the young professionals started to come out of their shells. The initial hesitancy with which the day began has been replaced with curiosity, bravery, and self-confidence. Understanding personal motivations has increased, as well as the significance that the students attach to knowing them.

At iPM, we strongly believe that self-awareness and understanding your colleagues are prerequisites for team success. An organization performs at its best when professionals are in their element and recognize and acknowledge each other’s talents. We are grateful that our guest lecture has been able to contribute to this crucial “knowledge” for over 60 students.

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