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Less workload in education with the digital teaching assistant
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Less workload in education with the digital teaching assistant

Education is essential for the development of a young individual. This applies to primary education, secondary education, and, of course, special education. Ensuring the quality of education is therefore of utmost importance. This is, naturally, the desire and starting point of every educational institution. Unfortunately, the reality is more challenging. Employees experience high work pressure, which can hinder their ability to deliver the required quality. Much time is lost in fragmented processes and administrative tasks across multiple systems. This comes at the expense of what truly matters: the student and good education. Fortunately, there is a solution. The digital educational assistant (also known as DEA) streamlines processes, replacing work pressure with job satisfaction. Read on to learn how this works in practice!

Meet your new employee: the digital educational assistant

To get straight to the point, no, the digital educational assistant (DEA) is not a person. However, it is highly intelligent software. With this software, you can automate various tasks in an efficient manner. The software is also known as Robotic Process Automation (RPA). It is capable of mimicking human actions within different applications, systems, or computer programs. The DEA makes it easy to automate administrative processes. In short, the digital educational assistant is a way to perform important yet everyday tasks better and faster. This digital assistant serves as a valuable addition to the existing team of employees. After all, many hands make light work, even (or especially) when they are digital.

This is how the DEA helps with workload in education

How many administrative tasks do you perform in a day? Probably more than you think. All in all, these everyday actions take a lot of time and effort. Think of saving documents, sending emails, updating administration, filling in data, creating users, making calculations, performing checks, and logging in and out. The digital education assistant makes your workday much easier. All those daily tasks can be quickly and easily automated. Less workload in primary education or less workload in secondary education is therefore not a utopia. With the digital education assistant, you can easily achieve this.

The benefits of an digital education assistant in short:

  • Takes over repetitive tasks and performs them flawlessly
  • Accelerates processes and enhances their quality
  • Reduces administrative burdens for staff
  • It is scalable and flexible. During peak moments, a robot can be quickly added. Think of moments when students enroll for the new school year.

Reducing workload in secondary and higher education is not a utopia. With the digital education assistant, you can easily achieve this.

Beneficial for employees and students

The digital education assistant has benefits for both staff and students. Due to the improved processes, faster and better service is possible. Students know immediately what to expect, and long waiting times are a thing of the past. Moreover, this allows staff to focus on tasks that are truly valuable. Lastly, nobody is happy with administrative burdens. The increased efficiency makes the work more organized, reduces stress, and promotes more interaction with students.

The digital education assistant in practice

Multiple educational institutions are already using the digital education assistant. Take ROC Midden-Nederland, for example. This large vocational education institution has streamlined its fragmented processes into one system, with the support of the digital education assistant. The DOA is described as user-friendly and simple. In fact, the educational institution is so enthusiastic about it that they are expanding the use of the digital education assistant. A member of the Board of Directors explains, “Colleges are once again involved in the implementation of educational support processes. They truly see it as their responsibility when something goes wrong and work together with the administration to find a solution.” Read more about the success story at ROC Midden-Nederland!

Want to learn more about reducing work pressure in education?

In education, the possibilities with the digital assistant are endless. Imagine continuously improving your organization with job satisfaction instead of work pressure. Does that sound like music to your ears? Contact our specialists for more information!

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