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How digital team boards provide team power
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How digital team boards provide team power

We look back on a remarkable academic year. A season filled with challenges that we successfully overcame together. The education sector has demonstrated exceptional flexibility in dealing with the situation that arose – after all, education had to continue – and always prioritized the students’ well-being. The digital team board proved to be a highly suitable tool for maintaining the flow even at a distance, although that was not the primary goal. Read on to discover how this new way of working fosters more team strength in education.

Digital in education: yes we can!

Due to COVID-19, the question “Can’t this be done digitally?” arises much more frequently. The answer to that is: of course it can! iPM partners, among others, has assisted ROC De Leijgraaf in this regard. We started the FLOW-trajectory together with our esteemed partner UPD. In this process, educational teams and management layers are committed to elevating the quality assurance and culture within De Leijgraaf to a higher level. De Leijgraaf has evolved into a learning organization in recent times. This is achieved through strengthening result accountability, developing a common language, and embracing the mindset that it gets a little better every day. This has proved so successful that the support services have now started this process as well.

Digital with team boards

The digital team board plays an important role in this trajectory. At De Leijgraaf, a team board has been set up in MS Teams: the Teams board. It incorporates elements for conducting effective performance conversations. These include features such as check-ins and check-outs, success stories, performance highlights from the previous period, and improvement actions.

The digital team board is a highly suitable tool to maintain the ‘flow’ even when working remotely.

Mark Wilde – iPM Partners

Personal approach with an common…

By providing customized support for each team, the quality assurance and culture are truly elevated to a higher level. This is highly beneficial for both the students and the organization. To analyze the areas where each team needs development, the “Team in Beeld” team scan has been utilized. This tool measures what is already going well and identifies the areas in which the team seeks improvement. Based on the results, a team-focused action plan will be created. This approach addresses both the tangible aspects (structure, processes, team plans) and the intangible aspects (collaboration, ownership, learning from each other, and team strength).

Achieving goals together

Although each team uses a different approach, a team board is set up for each team. This ensures that everyone maintains a grasp on achieving the goals. The team board displays what is going well in day-to-day work and identifies areas for improvement. The team addresses simple questions together that are often overlooked in practice.

  • Are we ready for next week?
  • Are we prepared for the upcoming period?
  • What still needs to be taken care of?
  • How are we going to accomplish it together?

The benefits of a digital team board

The transition to digital is more challenging for some individuals than others. However, through mutual coaching, everyone quickly grasps the possibilities of digital collaboration. The advantage of going digital lies particularly in the integration of documents, and thus, the collection of information.

  • All information is gathered together, and the documents that are currently in use can be accessed remotely as well.
  • The setup of the board provides a structure that aligns with the agenda of the meeting, making team meetings more efficient and effective. It becomes clear what is being discussed, leading to more productive outcomes from the meetings.
  • A well-organized setup leads to the basics being in order, leaving more time to look at convenient additions, depending on the situation.
    • This makes it possible to include the annual calendar as well, and signals are given when it’s time to take action on it.

Beneficial for the entire team

Because the team board is digital, it can also be used in a hybrid environment, allowing the performance dialogue to take place both physically and online within the same agenda. This ensures clarity about the process being followed in both cases. The implementation of the digital team board for all teams also benefits newcomers and colleagues who have transitioned from other teams. Overall, we see a bright future for the digital team board and anticipate encountering it more frequently in the “new normal.”

Succes stories about the digital team board

In addition to De Leijgraaf, other institutions such as Summa College, Gilde Opleidingen, and Helicon benefit daily from the opportunities provided by (digital) team boards. It is a sustainable solution that contributes to control the collaboration and the enhancement of ownership within your organization. And the students notice the difference too!

Would you like to have team power in your organization as well?

Are you curious whether your educational organization can work more effectively with the help of iPM Partners? Get in touch with us or book an inspiration session. Together, we work towards a collaborative culture with an eye on the students!

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