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DSO in order. Net promoter score zero!
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DSO in order. Net promoter score zero!

You may recognize this situation. The new annual policy from the insurer arrives. It concerns a business legal expenses insurance, and indeed, there have been some mutations in the legal structure over the past year. The insurer requests to carefully review the policy document and email any inaccuracies. I did this directly and received a confirmation of receipt. The message states that my changes will be processed within a few working days. I think to myself, “New policy, new invoice.” My conclusion: wait for the new policy document. Weeks go by, probably due to a significant backlog in the acceptance department. I receive a reminder from the finance department asking me to make the payment. Where is the collaboration between departments? The finance department seems solely focused on DSO (Days Sales Outstanding). I have faithfully paid on time for years, and now they label me as a defaulter? That truly irritates me. The next day, I receive a new policy document. Only one out of the three changes has been correctly implemented. Tonight, I have a celebration with family and friends — a perfect example to share of how things should not be done.

How to do it:

  • Promote collaboration between departments and verify in advance if there is an outstanding customer inquiry before sending a reminder.
  • Make the underwriting department and financial department jointly responsible for customer retention (KPI: % of customers renewing their policy). Subordinate DSO to this KPI.

Incorrectly applied KPIs often result in silo thinking

Organizations can improve their performance even further, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can help with that. Unfortunately, these KPIs often fail to deliver on what they promise. Improperly applied KPIs frequently lead to silo thinking, with sometimes significant consequences for both the customer and the organization itself. Your customers share these good and bad experiences. This spreads rapidly on the internet. In the book “Winning with the right KPIs” an effort is made to prevent silo thinking within organizations and to use KPIs in a way that promotes collaboration among employees and departments. Your organization will genuinely perform better, and the customer will no longer suffer, noticing the difference. Through this blog, we aim to share good and bad examples from real-life experiences, examples from which your organization can benefit. You are also welcome to contribute your own examples by emailing, and if we feature your example, you will receive a copy of Peter Geelen’s book, in collaboration with Luc van Sas, titled “Winning with the right KPIs”.

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Winning with the right KPIs

From strategy to execution: how key performance indicators can help your organization.

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