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APPeL – your KPI coach from the boardroom till the workplace

iPM launches APPeL!

Better cooperation in 10 days with the right KPIs

Better cooperation with the right KPIs

iPM Partners is the creator of the “Integrated Performance Management” method. We support your organization in better cooperation within the chain that your customer goes through. We are launching a new tool; APPeL. Therefore we help your organization to improve cooperation by using the right KPIs.

Would you also like to have your organization’s KPIs in order within 10 days? We are happy to help!


  • We analyse the current organization KPIs
  • We identify your customer chains to support the customer journey
  • We inspire you to define KPIs that do work
  • We do this without any strings attached!


What challenges are they encountering?

We support many organizations in implementing the right KPIs for a better customer experience. We frequently observe that the management within the organization has many questions:

  • Does everyone know the strategy and is everyone pursuing the same ambition?
  • Who is working on which improvements in the organization? How are those improvements progressing?
  • Is there a good cooperation between the departments?
  • What can I do to reduce the amount of meetings?
  • Are we all striving for the right and predictive KPIs?


Above mentioned questions stand in the way of an optimal performing organization. iPM Partners helps to solve these issues. Therefore we introduce APPeL.

Better cooperation in 10 days with the right KPIs

APPeL delivers the right and future-proof KPIs. APPeL is your KPI-coach from the boardroom till the workplace. APPeL supports the execution of effective evaluation meetings within your organization. Conversations are held across the organization instead of within the function silo. This way all teams are connected to your strategy.

What does APPeL offer?

How does APPeL support your organization?

APPeL, your KPI coach from the boardroom till the workplace