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APPeL – More information

APPeL - More information

Do you want to create more structure in your organization? Would you like to keep an overview of all of your teams? APPeL offers the solution. Read here how this unique application works and what this means for you.

What is APPeL?

APPeL is derived from the French word ‘appeler’ (to call upon or appeal to). With APPeL you go into action! And as the first three letters say, it’s an online application. Or rather, it’s a cloud application. Easily accessible for everyone in your organization.

From now on: working with customer chains and KPIs that do work

No organization is the same. A college has different objectives than a healthcare institution, a production company or a trading company. What all these organizations have in common, however, is that the customer is key. And whether they are called customers, students, clients or residents, giving them the best experience in buying the product or service is what every organization strives for. After all, they are the ones making the journey through your organization. That requires good tactics (or processes) that can be steered with KPIs that are relevant. For APPeL this is no problem. There are 1000 KPIs at your disposal from which you can choose! Filtering is easy. These KPI definitions form the foundation for your teams. A guideline that shows you what you need to steer on. Of course, you can easily adjust these KPIs so that they completely fit your style and organization.


Working with KPIs


Working with KPIs

Improve your performance dialogue with APPeL

How many meetings do you have a day? Chances are that you spend at least 20% of your time in meetings or calls. It soon dominates your agenda. That can be done differently! By making meetings more efficient, they take less time and are more effective. With APPeL this becomes reality and you can easily save up to 50% on the total meeting time. How? In APPeL, the following functions improve the performance dialogue in your organisation:

  • Meetings are set up in APPeL and automatically added to your calendar. Each meeting has an ‘attendance check’, so you can see at a glance who was present.
  • At the end of each meeting, the attendees give a score to the meeting in terms of progress and performance. Was it effective? Of course, this score is also motivated in a reflection.
  • Historical records are kept by simple reports per customer chain, performance dialogue, KPI and action points, which can also be shared with third parties. In this way, the organisation as a whole (and possibly beyond) can see how things are going.
  • Outstanding actions are shown in an overview. You can filter on yourself or on others and on the performance dialogue.
  • You can switch these actions to ‘discuss’ or not. Are there no open issues for this topic? Then it does not need to be included in the meeting. That saves time!

Time to change tactics

Every organization harbours an enormous amount of knowledge. From real expertise to technical tricks. It is advisable to store all this knowledge and tips in a central location within your organisation, so that this information is and remains accessible to every employee. Even if the source of knowledge (namely an employee) one day leaves your organization. APPeL provides this with a separate environment ‘tactics’.

  • Create new pages about a topic. For example, a manual on how to use APPeL effectively! But also professional knowledge.
  • See who has read the page. This is useful if the information is intended for a specific team.

APPeL, the KPI coach for your entire organization!

Always insight into the progress and performance of the KPIs at the level of management, customer chain, team and individual.